The New Travel Etiquette in the Age of COVID-19

Patricia Sá

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The New Travel Etiquette in the Age of COVID-19

The world just grabbed an imaginary remote control from under the couch and pressed the pause button. It’s currently going through a significant break due to the sudden spread of coronavirus, and everybody’s life has been affected in one way or another. While the urge to travel grows within you, take a moment to consider what traveling will be like during this new reality. What new travel etiquette will you have to follow in order to have a safe journey? As we’re slowly figuring out each step of the way for a post-coronavirus world, travel etiquette is going through some changes. A new sort of silent social contract has been called to action by everyone in the world in the form of social boundaries and mutual respect for each other's personal space. 

Many countries started implementing certain measures in order to put public health as a top priority. These measures affect the way people live, work, and travel. As measures go through certain changes week by week, it has become crucial to have reliable and up-to-date information to let you know the status of your city and what you can or can’t do. You should refer to your country or state’s government website for this type of information. Another easy way to get informed regarding measures in every US state is by checking this list. You’ll know where you can travel domestically and what to expect open in each state.

If you can’t shake off that little or giant craving to travel and discover the world, there are some considerations you should take into account for your own safety as well as others. A major part of the infected population are prone to only have mild symptoms, or not even have any at all, which shows how important it is for someone to self-isolate if they experience any mild symptoms or even if they feel fine.

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How can I stay protected while traveling?

Protecting everybody’s health has become a priority, now more than ever, and taking the correct precautions when traveling has become crucial. Every traveler around the world now carries the weight of a certain “traveler’s responsibility” on their shoulders. Basic hygiene measures like washing your hands thoroughly and sneezing or coughing etiquette are being taken more seriously. Travelers now play a heavy role in keeping the cities they visit as well as their communities back home healthy and safe.

To make sure you’re protecting yourself correctly and keeping others safe during your travels, we’re leaving you with a few traveling etiquette tips below. Practice these as much as you can, before, during, and after your travels.

Empty airport during covid-19, wearing mask

Expect empty airports & mask use while traveling during COVID-19

Before you travel:

During your trip:


Be cautious about your health & quarantine requirements even after returning home

Returning back home:

It’s now up to all of us to keep in mind this new type of travel etiquette while traveling or planning a trip. Getting used to our current reality will take a while. But if you really think about it, just the simple act of wearing a mask while traveling is not only a safety measure for yourself. Above all, it’s a symbol of consideration to the community. It helps fellow travelers and locals feel slightly more reassured and at ease when we all do our part. We know it might be a bit nerve-wracking, but face this new challenge as an opportunity for you to be the best traveler you know you can be.

Patricia Sá
Lisbon, Portugal
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