Think Like a Germaphobe for Your Next Flight

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Think Like a Germaphobe for Your Next Flight

Hygiene essentials for flying during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s been 73 days since I got to experience the spectacle process of boarding an airplane. Seventy-three days since I gleed with joy while wiping down each nook of my seat meticulously; while getting side-eyes from neighbors. Setenta y tres dias since I took my favorite type of siesta, a plane siesta. By now you’re thinking that I’m a little nutty to reminisce about those aspects of air travel. But as an undiagnosed germaphobe and travel addict, trust me. If you’re itching to go on a trip soon you’ll find yourself admiring the same things too. Traveling as we phase out the coronavirus pandemic is going to be a new experience for most. All you have to do is think a little bit like a germaphobe and you’ll be alright for your first flight. 

Before we get started I do have a small disclaimer. I like to take extra precautions and control of my personal experience. But it's important to note that airlines and airport operators are taking measures to provide a safe experience for passengers and crew members. 

Pack the *new* hygiene essentials 

Ensure you have hygiene essentials to help you feel comfortable throughout the journey. Keep in mind that supply chains around the world are still interrupted due to COVID-19. So you’ll want to have these items a few days before your trip and get enough for the duration of the trip. For easy access, pack these in your carry-on luggage. 

using hand sanitizer wearing mask during COVID pandemic

Don't forget to pack your hand sanitizer & mask by @sh.vets

A new mindset 

Typically I walk around assuming that everything is dirty. In subway cars, you bet that I’ll be practicing core strength by balancing and not touching anything. When menus are picked up at restaurants, wipes come out and the table is cleaned for extra measures. But there’s more you can do besides avoiding life and manically cleaning. 

 Air travel is going to be a new experience for all and staying healthy throughout the journey is going to be top of mind for all. Arriving at the airport 45 minutes before your domestic flight might not cut it. Throwing a random assortment of clothes into a bag as you run out of your apartment is not going to cut it. You’ll have to adopt a new packing strategy and ensure you have the new hygiene essentials for your trip which requires planning. You might run out of room for some of your non-essential faves but it will be okay because by keeping them at home you can avoid the chances of surface contamination. 

You’re now ready to jet off. And when the world is ready for us, I’ll see you down the aisle wiping down each nook of your seat meticulously ;) 

Marissa Rivera
New York City, United States
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