What You Should Know About Air Travel & Coronavirus

Marissa Rivera

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What You Should Know About Air Travel & Coronavirus

Change is the new constant of air travel post-coronavirus 

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a catalyst for change in many industries. Take retail for example. The way Americans shop for goods was slowly pivoting from brick-and-mortar to digital. And in late March the pandemic accelerated the change in consumer behavior to buy online. Retailers with strong e-commerce platforms are thriving. While many others have filed for bankruptcy. Air travel is also starting to feel the effects of the catalyst. But the turbulence ahead is hard to see compared to other essential industries.

One thing is very clear. There’s a stigma in the air that traveling by plane will forever change once again. And that change has already begun. This change comes with caveats to consider. Are the changes temporary to ease current travel fear or are they the new normal? Will the experience be consistent across the country or globe? Is there a chance I’ll ever hear the words “chicken or lasagna” inside a plane again? 

For planners like me, plan for change. Each airline, and each airport operator is taking measures that will vary from one another. Each measure of precaution will share a similar intention: to make travelers feel safe. What will be different is how the experience comes to life. In part because no airport is the same. Not all destinations attract the same volume of visitors. And community impact is different by state and by countries.  The best you can do is to be aware of what to expect when the world is ready for non-essential travel again. 

Trip planning

The parts of the world you choose to visit might not be the ones on your bucket list. As airlines reduce their network to adjust for the lack of demand and the world reopens in phases, you might find yourself in Utah instead of California to explore the desert for example.

Day of travel experience

In case there was a schedule change you’re unaware of, check your itinerary to make sure you’re going to the correct airport, at the correct date and time. You’ll also want to check what other aspects of your journey will be different. It’ll make the experience less stressful and save you time.

Change is in the air and sometimes it might add some complexities to your travel. Know what to expect so you can better prepare for your next air travel experience.

Marissa Rivera
New York City, United States
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