What’s It Like to Travel in Times of COVID-19?

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What’s It Like to Travel in Times of COVID-19?

When I think about traveling during this pandemic, especially flying, one million questions pop into my mind and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There’s nothing better than a true testimonial to answer any questions and curiosities. That’s why I gathered a few first-person YouTube vlogs to explain what it’s like to catch international and domestic flights right now and demystify some of the things we’ve all been reading about in the news. Take a look below and get your travel questions answered during these uncertain times. 

International flights during coronavirus

From Singapore to Nashville

Singapore, Malaysia — Tokyo, Japan — Dallas, US — Nashville, US

Kara and Nate, one of my favorite travel couples to watch on YouTube, have been traveling the world for the last four years. Recently they were forced to change their travel plans amid the COVID-19 outbreak. On March 14, the couple was staying at a rented island in the Philippines when they saw the news that the country was going on lockdown. Scared of getting stranded in the Philippines, Kara and Nate decided to try to make their way to Singapore, and after almost missing their flight, they made it. But that’s not the end of their saga. After being in voluntary self-quarantine for 3 weeks in a hotel in Singapore, they made the difficult decision to go back home to Nashville. They filmed every moment of their journey. From being in an eerily empty Singapore airport to catching three flights, and finally arriving in their hometown to stay at an Airbnb in order to self-isolate from their families. You can check out this crazy and emotional ride here:

From Buenos Aires to Miami

Buenos Aires, Argentina — City of Panama, Panama — Miami, US

After doing a road trip between the Pacific Northwest and Canada, Trent and Allie fell in love with van life. Last summer they decided to get on the road with their dog to explore the world. After 14 countries and over a year driving south from the USA to the tip of South America, this couple from Salt Lake City saw their lives turn upside down. As borders were closing while they were van living, they had to face a difficult situation. It was their hardest decision yet; they had to leave their van in Argentina in order to fly home. After leaving their home for the past year in a storage unit, Trent, Allie and their dog made their way to the airport in hopes to get back to the USA. This was their experience:

From Indonesia to London

Lombok, Indonesia — Jakarta, Indonesia — Dubai, UAE — London, UK

Jord Simons is a YouTube content creator and travel vlogger who quit his job to travel the world. He’s been traveling since 2014 and has visited 80+ countries while working online to fund his adventures. Due to the pandemic, he decided to return home to the UK from Indonesia. Jord vlogs throughout his journey back to London, where he shares his struggle with luggage, scenes walking through empty airports and new health measures. Take a peek at what traveling across the world was like:

From Buenos Aires to Turin, Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Rome, Italy — Turin, Italy

Sara Bertagnolli and Luca Sguazzini are an Italian couple of explorers and storytellers that have been driving from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina with an old truck camper. In the middle of the pandemic, they quarantined in Patagonia, Argentina, and after 45 days in isolation, they decided it was time to get back to Italy. In this emotional and rather stressful video of Sara and Luca, you can experience what it was like for them to leave their travel life behind in order to arrive home safely.

Domestic flights during coronavirus

From New York to Kansas City, Missouri

New York — Kansas City

Meghan Penland, originally from Kansas City regularly vlogs about her new life in the big apple. Since the Stay at Home order was placed in the state of New York, Meg stayed in her apartment quarantining and vlogged every aspect of self-isolation while living in New York City. But due to personal reasons, after a few weeks, she was forced to go back home to Missouri despite her reluctance to travel at the moment. Meg shares an incredibly empty LaGuardia Airport and explains all the precautions she took to get home safely. Watch her video as she leaves New York and returns home. 

From Vegas to Hawaii

Las Vegas — Los Angeles — Hawaii

Nagam, a YouTuber focused on makeup and fashion also recently had to travel across the country while facing the dangers of COVID-19. Nagam and her sister traveled from Las Vegas to Hawaii and decided to share their experience. She was quarantined at home for almost 45 days before traveling. Are you wondering about the precautions you need to take to catch a flight? From hair nets to wiping their seats, these sisters recorded how they tried to protect themselves and others throughout the whole journey.

From Arkansas to Dallas

Arkansas — Dallas — Phoenix

After visiting his family in Arkansas, James Alex Miller wanted to return home to Phoenix, but he wasn’t expecting what he encountered: a practically empty airport. He immediately started to film what he was experiencing for the first time ever. Despite the eeriness of being one of the only people at three airports and two planes, James manages to tell his story with some lighthearted humor. Follow along in his quirky account of the journey:

Maria Jordão
Lisbon, Portugal
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