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5 Reasons To Visit El Paredon

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5 Reasons To Visit El Paredon

Have you ever daydreamed of having a cocktail by the beach while at work? Surfing in the mornings and sun-bathing in the afternoons? Chances are that dream is a reality in Guatemala and several other spots around Central America. 

They say “never stop dreaming” but hopefully we’ll give you a much-needed wake-up call to get you up and going. 

While volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites are among Guatemala’s top attractions, the beaches are a part of this country that remains unexplored by most tourists. Among the best-kept secrets is El Paredon—an off-the-beaten-path beach destination located about a 2.5-hour drive from Antigua.   

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Surf Board -  AndynLilly El-Paredon
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Surf Board -  AndynLilly El-Paredon

El Paredon is perfect for a laidback vacation and (thankfully) there’s not much to do other than hang at the beach. For those looking for some action, surfing is a good alternative. But If you’re not an experienced surfer make sure you’re with someone who is because the waves are a bit rowdy in this area.

Beach Bar in El Paredon, Guatemala

You’ll find many locals chillin’ by the bar. If you’re looking into ways to slow down time, you came to the right spot. Just grab a drink by one of the never-too-many beach joints and enjoy the ocean breeze and soothing-sounding waves. 

Woman laying on a hammock in El Paredon, Guatemala

Hammocks are definitely among the top 5 things to do in El Paredon. If you’ve been on the go for a while these are perfect for taking a nap, catching up on a book or even getting some work done. The vibe here is perfect for organizing your thoughts, so just make yourself comfortable and choose where to chillax. 

Sunset at the beach in El Paredon, Guatemala

Guatemala has one coast facing the Pacific Ocean and the other facing the Caribbean Sea. Whatever your choice may be, finding a good spot to watch the sunset won’t be a hard one. 

Need I say more?

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