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6 Saliva-Inducing Images of Bangkok's Street Food

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6 Saliva-Inducing Images of Bangkok's Street Food

Chances are you won’t find a living soul who’s been to Bangkok (or any other city in Asia) saying they didn’t eat street food.

You’d call them crazy to have spent skyhours doing that, right? I mean, why did they even bother going? Well... It’s not just that street food stalls occupy almost every bit of pavement. Bangkok's street food culture is a tourist attraction in and of itself. 

Food stand in Bangkok

Photo by @diografic

Needless to say, that street food is practically a way of life in Bangkok - and all across Thailand. In some cases raw ingredients can cost more than a prepared meal, it’s no surprise that eating out is so common. 

Food stall in Bangkok

Photo by @kal_mare

Having your food being cooked in front of you is like watching an Instagram Live but with your 5 senses. Hungry, already? 😋

Food market in Bangkok

Photo by @kal_mare

Street food stalls are basically open-air restaurants. As long as you don’t come complaining about the lack of air-conditioning, eating outdoors seems like an obvious choice when you’re in a city where temperatures are fairly hot year-round— 80º F.

Woman preparing food in stall in Bangkok

Photo by @diografic

Pad Thai, the country's famous stir-fried noodle dish which is known worldwide can be found in nearly every street corner. Among the most popular dishes, there’s also the Guay Teow (or noodle soup) and the Som Tam salad where shredded green papayas play a major part.

Woman cooking street food in Bangkok

Late night snack? Most stalls are open between 6 pm and 3 am. However, some markets, like the Train Night Market Ratchada (above) close earlier— around midnight. 

Market Ratchada, Bangkok

Photo by @diografic

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