7 Best Places To Travel in 2020

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7 Best Places To Travel in 2020

The excitement from the New Year has come and gone and it’s time to pick up your New Year’s travel resolution. Most people have made commitments related to their weight, work or finances. But you’re the more adventurous type, so besides those you’ve probably added a few travel destinations to your 2020 bucket list—but picking just a few is easier said than done. With so many great places to see all around the world, you may struggle to put together a list of the best places to visit in the new year.

The destinations you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. Some people love to go off the grid and enjoy the natural environment. Others are on the lookout for locations where they can relax and enjoy amenities in the lap of luxury. The rest of travelers tend to focus more on enjoying the history and art that a location has to offer. Fortunately, most locations offer a little of all three. Here are seven you should include on your list.

Best Places To Travel 2020

Banff, Canada

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Novice

Ideal Traveler Type: Adventurous, Couple

Expected Travel Cost: $$$

Bragging Right: Winter sports

During the winter, most travelers are seeking to migrate to warmer climates. For others, winter is the perfect time to visit some of their favorite snowy destinations. To be fair, Banff National Park is beautiful all year round. The spring and fall especially usher in a whole new array of vibrant colors. Still, the wintertime is when this park really comes alive.

Cabin in Banff National Park

Cabin in Banff National Park by Travis Wild

What To Do

Banff is home to one of the biggest ski resorts in the region. It’s also an excellent spot for snowboarding and ice skating. If you enjoy snowshoeing, then you won’t run short of opportunities to try this either. Winter is also an excellent time to see the glaciers and mountains and enjoy the hot springs.

One of the downsides that deter many people from traveling to Canada is the cost. If you’re willing to sacrifice a few luxuries, however, you can visit this location cheaply. Consider staying at hostels that cater to backpackers, such as Samesun Banff.

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Sentosa Island, Singapore

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Novice

Ideal Traveler Type: Family, Couple

Expected Travel Cost: $$$

Bragging Right: Luxury island

Sentosa is routinely voted the most expensive island to visit in Southeast Asia. The island is a 1,200-plus-acre paradise just off the country’s southern coast. On the mainland, Singapore is well-known for clean streets and a strong focus on sustainability.

tho_usagi | sentosa island universal studio

Universal Studios in Sentosa Island by @tho_usagi

What To Do

The popular resort island features golf courses and several beautiful beaches. Here’s what else you should add to your to-do list:

Despite the initial cost factor, many people still travel to Singapore on a budget. To make this possible, consider booking rooms on the mainland. Some free activities tourists enjoy include visiting the botanical gardens, sunbathing on the beaches and watching the sunset at Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk.

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Tokyo, Japan

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Novice

Ideal Traveler Type: Foodie

Expected Travel Cost: $$$

Bragging Right: Great seafood dishes

Tokyo is an excellent option for people traveling solo or who have limited travel experience in foreign cultures. While Tokyo is more expensive than most other destinations on this list, it’s not without good reason. The general level of safety coupled with premium seafood dishes come at a high price.

Skytree Tokyo

Riding a Bike by Skytree, Tokyo by Jord Hammond

Tokyo is an excellent option for people traveling solo or who have limited travel experience in foreign cultures. While Tokyo is more expensive than most other destinations on this list, it’s not without good reason. The general level of safety coupled with premium seafood dishes come at a high price.

What To Do

There are so many things you can do in Tokyo, so whether you love relaxation or adventure, you will enjoy this city. One of the main reasons visitors will flock to Tokyo this year is the 2020 Summer Olympics. If you enjoy sports or international events, move this to the top of your list.

Tokyo is a foodie’s haven, especially for pescetarians. From street food vendors to alleyway food shops and Michelin-star restaurants, there are meals for every budget. Be sure to try the tempura, ramen and sushi. For the more adventurous foodies, consider yakitori, okonomiyaki and soba.

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Taipei, Taiwan

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Moderate

Ideal Traveler Type: Group, Adventurer

Expected Travel Cost: $$$

Bragging Right: Impressive architecture

There was a time when the tallest building in the world stood in Taiwan. Though it has since lost its position as number one, the building, Taipei 101, is still standing today. Its genius engineering has also helped the building to survive several earthquakes. Taiwan is known for its rich history and delicious food. While cheaper than Japan, most tourists say this city is on the expensive side.

Taipei 101 in Taiwan

View of Taipei 101 in Taiwan by Jord Hammond

What To Do

Many of the world’s tallest buildings do not have an observatory. One example of this is the Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building in the southern United States. So, when a building allows you to come up to an observatory and enjoy the view, it’s an opportunity you should definitely take advantage of. You can ride the elevator all the way up to the 89th floor of Taipei 101.

When it comes to food, you’ll never run out of options. You may have a difficult time finding a restaurant that caters to English speakers but you can always use your phone as a translator. Doing some research beforehand is also a good idea.

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Bogotá, Colombia

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Experienced

Ideal Traveler Type: Group, Adventurer

Expected Travel Cost: $$

Bragging Right: Amazing coffee

For the past few decades, Colombia has repeatedly gotten a bad rap for crime and violence. With its troubled past now slowly fading into history, there’s no better time to visit Colombia than 2020, and the country’s capital promises an exceptionally lively welcome. In Bogotá, travelers can enjoy the delicious food, vibrant culture and beautiful artwork.

escritoriaviajera bogota cafe ibanez

Trendy Coffeeshop in Bogotá by @escritoraviajera

What To Do

If it’s the country’s legendary coffee beans that lure you in, consider visiting La Candelaria in the city’s historic center. Work up a thirst by checking out the local shops along the streets and visit the museum showcasing the artwork of Fernando Botero, a famous local painter.

Ready to get your cup of coffee? Here are some of the most popular cafes in town:

One of the things you will love most about Bogotá is the opportunity to enjoy the streets to yourself. On Sundays, cars are not allowed to access many of the major roadways. This gives you the freedom to go for a stroll, take an early morning run or even rent a bike and go for a ride.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Moderate

Ideal Traveler Type: Family, Couple, Relaxed

Expected Travel Cost: $$

Bragging Right: Rich history

If you can’t get enough of ancient history, then Istanbul, Turkey is one city you need to see for yourself. The city is about 3,000 years old and straddles both Europe and Asia. It’s relatively inexpensive to visit and is mostly safe when it comes to crime and violence. The main thing to watch out for when visiting is the current political climate. Terrorist attacks are not common, but they do happen.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Inside the Hagia Sophia Museum by Ayub Ardiyono

What To Do

A part of Istanbul’s rich history stems from the fact that four different empires have called this city their capital. History lovers will appreciate the architecture and numerous museums spread throughout the city. Some must-sees attractions include The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum.

The Blue Mosque is an architectural marvel that resembles something out of an Arabian storybook. It is well-known for its narrow towers and large domes. The Hagia Sophia Museum is also loved for its architecture. Its history includes time as a cathedral, then a mosque and now a museum.

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Sulawesi, Indonesia

Recommended Travel Experience Level: Experienced

Ideal Traveler Type: Family, Adventurer, Couple

Expected Travel Cost: $

Bragging Right: World-class scuba diving

If you’re looking for a more affordable travel option, consider Indonesia. You can get by on just $25 or so per day as a solo backpacker. The key is to steer clear of areas that are saturated with tourists and therefore cater particularly to their needs. Once you do this, you can get not only accommodations but also three meals per day for $25.

Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Scuba Diving in Indonesia by João Monteiro

What To Do

The main reason most people travel to Indonesia is the beaches. South West Sulawesi, in particular, is one of the most famous scuba diving destinations in the world. Even better is that you won’t need to pay an arm and a leg to visit beautiful beaches. Pantai Pasangkayu Mamuju Utara and Pulau Karampuang are two public beaches worth seeing in the area.

For history lovers, Indonesia even has Istanbul beat, as settlers first called this place home as far back as 43,000 BC—there are cave paintings that prove it! While it probably didn't serve as a stronghold for any world-renowned emperors or princes, the region has developed a rich history built on traditions that have survived for generations.

Why You Should Add Sulawesi to Your Bucket List

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