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The aviation industry is full of jargon and acronyms. Even we can’t keep up with it and we book flights every day. So we’ve decided to bring in some fun travel terms to keep the traveler in you inspired and understood. Let us take care of the boring language while you get inspired by the words that define you. Watch this page as our travel dictionary grows. And feel free to download and share your favorite travel terms.

Bleisure Travel

b | ˈlē | zhər | ˈtra | vəl

When the eternal “Traveling for business or pleasure?” turns into both.


kod | EE | wom | ple

To travel with purpose, while not having a specific destination in mind.

Digital Nomad

ˈdi | jə | tᵊl | ˈnō | ˌmad

When you’re livin’ life to the fullest, anywhere in the world while having a job thanks the to internet.


dräm | ə | ˈmā | nē | ə

An uncontrollable need to wander or travel. Like what quarantine does to you after a few weeks.


elyə | ˈthirēə | ˈmā | nē | ə

That fierce and inevitable desire for freedom you feel deep in your heart.


ˌyüdēˈ | mōnēə

That feeling you get of butterflies in your stomach when you’re traveling and enjoying every minute of it.

Flow Travel

ˈflō | ˈtra | vəl

Traveling in a spontaneous & relaxed way, with no fixed plan or worries about following a strict itinerary.


The feeling of longing for a home that never was. A deep and irrational bond felt with a time, era, place or person.


'hou | dō | filɛ

When you find your heart constantly beating for travel, and your mind wandering into an open road.


mī | krō | ˈkā | shən

When you find yourself constrained by time or budget, but still want to take a quick


ˈnü | mə | nəs

Experiencing a sense of being in contact with something greater than yourself, leaving you with a feeling of wonder and awe.


 ˈrās | ˈfā | ˈber

When you feel that traveler's restlessness wash over you, leading to a mix of excitement, anxiety and anticipation all at once.


sō | ˈlivəgənt

A traveler that thrives on exploring the world solo.


ˈstā | ˈkā | shən

When you wanna go on vacation but can’t because of travel bans or budget, so you make the most out of being home.


 tä | ˈlas | ˈə | ˈsō |  filɛ

A lover of the sea or ocean, like a modern-day mermaid/merman.

Traveler’s responsibility

ˈtrav | lərs | ri | ˌspän(t) | sə | ˈbi | lə | tē

A newfound weight that today's traveler carries when globe-trotting, putting their health and other's safety first.


 ˈtrip | ˈō | ˈfō | bē | ə

That overwhelming feeling of dread when you open your planner and don’t see any trips planned.


 trü | ˈvī

When you happen to come across something amazing that you hadn’t planned for. Especially common when traveling.