The Perfect Gift for Millennials Who Love to Travel

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The Perfect Gift for Millennials Who Love to Travel

Millennials are known for a lot of things — exaggerated screen time, overwhelming student loans, and wasting their cash on odd things like avocado toasts and artisanal coffee, just to name a few. It’s hard to know what to shop for them. These recent-adults born between 1981 and 1996 are full of hopes and dreams.

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They have even been labeled by some as the Peter Pan generation claiming they seem to cling on to their youth and attempt to postpone the rites of passage that come with settling into adulthood. Millennials have chosen to postpone or even forgo things like marriage, buying a house, and corporate salary and benefits. What used to define previous generations has transformed into a search for fewer material things, and more experiences. A recent study showed that 78% of millennials would choose to spend money on an experience or event over buying something desirable. So how do you find the perfect gift for a Millennial—one that’s both a useful and thoughtful gift?


3/4 Millennials prefer experiences over things

Millennial spending habits and lifestyle choices have clearly changed. Instead of owning a car they’d rather uber or walk to work. Instead of owning a house, they’d rather travel the world and hop around to and from Airbnbs. Instead of overconsumption, Millennials praise minimalist tendencies as seen in the rise of Marie Kondo in the media. They would rather invest time and money on themselves. This makes shopping for them incredibly difficult. When the holiday season comes around, or when celebratory dates and anniversaries take place, it’s hard to know what to gift the people who don’t seem to want more stuff cluttering up their small rented homes.


According to Eventbrite, 72% of millennials would like to increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things in the next year. Millennials and the up-and-coming Gen-Zs are turning their dollars into experiences. That’s why you should be gifting your favorite Mill-Zs experiences. And the best gift around is one that allows you to travel and choose what experiences you’d like to try anywhere in the world. Perhaps savoring an authentic Italian dish beside a small piazza in Rome? Or flying across the country to meet distant relatives you’ve only heard of through stories? Or photographing iconic monuments you’ve only seen in movies like the Eiffel Tower, or the Empire State Building? 

Give the travel addict in your life the gift of time with Skyhour credits that cover an hour of flight time for the cost of groceries

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Experiences are much more valuable when they are not bound by location. And that’s why Skyhour - The Gift of Air Travel is the most thoughtful gift out there. With your Skyhour gift, you could contribute to Millennials’ Peter Pan dreams of doing something they’ve never done before or help them cross off another destination from their travel bucket list. Gift them something you know they will enjoy—travel! Is there a more thoughtful gift than giving someone the freedom to fly anywhere, anytime and allowing them to choose their own adventures around the globe? 

Skyhour is the first app of its kind and offers a new spin on the gifting of air travel — something that wasn’t really possible before.

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What’s a skyhour?

Does your friend dream of visiting London? Skyhour lets you contribute to booking part of that flight or the full flight. A skyhour is a time-based credit used to book flights. Each skyhour equals 1 hour of flight time on 300+ airlines. For example, if a flight from New York to London takes 6 hours of flight time, then you will need 6 skyhours to purchase the flight. When you gift skyhours you are giving someone the freedom to book a trip to wherever they want, whenever they want.


Why gift skyhours?

When you gift skyhours, you’re giving someone the freedom to choose where & when to travel. Gifting or booking flights happens in less than a minute. No need to know the giftee’s personal information, no limitations, no expiration date. Help your favorite people explore the world and let them write their own travel stories.

Recommend to anyone needing a last-minute gift or for someone who has everything. So easy to use!

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Where can giftees fly with skyhours?

Giftees can use skyhours to book domestic & international flights on our website or apps to unlimited destinations on more than 300 airlines. Search for flights to check availability.

I received skyhours as a birthday gift and used them to book a trip to Brazil to visit my family...

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Can I gift skyhours to someone who doesn’t have the app or an account?

Yes! After purchasing skyhours, you can gift them digitally or in person. Once the giftee heads to our website or app to claim their gift, they'll be asked to create an account and can easily add the skyhours to their balance.

SkyHour is a great website if you want to have a user-friendly experience and have the ability to get cheap tickets compared to other airline websites

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