6 Ways to Make Your Staycation Feel Like a Vacation

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6 Ways to Make Your Staycation Feel Like a Vacation

Let’s play a game. Raise your hand if you’ve been spending a lot of time at home these last few weeks and are running out of ideas of what to do with your time. No judgment—we’ve all been there at some point.

If you aren’t heading out to your next tropical destination or to that city you’ve been dying to meet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all you can do is Netflix and chill on the couch (unless that’s exactly what you want to go for).

All around the world, travelers are facing disruptions due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. Travel plans are being delayed, stress is slowly but surely piling up due to canceled flights, lay-offs, expenses spent in advance, and staying home all this time with no plans can be exhausting. If you need to spark a bit more creativity in your days and de-stress, why not transform your self-isolation into a staycation? 

As an elaborate term for spending your time off at home, a staycation can be a very rewarding experience. As you add a little structure and some well-planned activities to your days off, your work/free time balance will become much more manageable and will help you get your head back in the game. The core of your staycation depends on what you intend on gaining from it. If you want to jump on that to-do list you’ve been postponing for a while, you can make that happen, or if you need the feeling of having gone on an adventure you can opt for an exploratory staycation. If the latter is what you crave, follow these tips that’ll make you feel like you’ve gone on a creative discovery. 

Bring the spa to you

Staying home doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself. A spa day at home translates into a great way to unwind! On your next supermarket run or online shopping spree try picking out a selection of essential oils with scents that give you that ultimate feeling of calm and serenity. Light some candles, draw a warm bath and open up that drawer of beauty products that you got for Christmas but never used. If you want to go on a full-on spa experience, why not slice two cucumber circles for your eyes, and serve yourself a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail?

Spa at home @sandymakesense

Draw a bath, grab a drink and pretend you're at a spa resort by @sandymakesense

Travel through your cookbooks

Staying at home can mean new experiences in the kitchen, and what better way to do it than catching up on all those cookbooks on the shelves? Even if you’re more of an ebook kind of person, don’t sweat it. Download a few cookbooks from your favorite cuisine, start cooking some new delicious dishes or check out our recommended recipes to get you started. Traveling the world can sometimes translate into the simple act of grabbing a cookbook and getting lost in it. Learning the history behind multiple dishes and ingredients can give you a bit more depth about the country’s culture itself.

cookbook on countertop

Try a new recipe from somewhere you've never been

Hold a yoga retreat

When the need to release some steam and break out of the cycle of stress, try turning to yoga. Turn your living room into one of those luxe yoga retreats you’ve always dreamed of. Unroll your yoga mat, light a candle, infuse some ice water with cucumber slices and citrus, and pick the perfect yoga routine for you. If you’ve never done it before, start with simple poses and move on from there. You’ll find plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started or enjoy Down Dog app  while it’s free.

Yoga pose at home by @bnlove.yoga

Practice your dancer pose during yoga class at home by @bnlove.yoga

Host your own film festival

We all know (and have) that list of films we must watch but never kind of get to it. You know the one. Much like Hogwarts acceptance letter, if your invitation to Cannes got lost on the way, why not host your own film festival from your couch? Get creative, pick a theme and choose the movies. If you want some company—or you just really feel the need to talk through movies while watching them—why not invite your friends through screen sharing video apps? We suggest watch2gether or even netflixparty. Just follow their guidelines and let the show begin!

film marathon at home

Start a film marathon at home with friends 

Marie Kondo kind of home

Your home is your own personal representation, and it should give you a sense of calm and ease when you’re spending so much time in it as you are now. If you feel like a certain area isn’t quite working for you, why not take some time from your staycation and re-plan it? Try removing things that are causing you to feel uneasy. Eliminate the clutter and mess and start working on that reinvigorated room you’ve always wanted.

Minimal home decoration with mirror and artwork @cozy.happy.home

Keep your space clean and tidy and test new decor for your room @cozy.happy.home

Dress for the occasion

Wearing those sweatpants and hoodie almost every day of the week might be a big temptation in your life right now, but we promise it's worth resisting. When staycation-ing give a chance to dressing just like you would on a real vacation. Is it sunny outside? Wish you were at the beach right now? Maybe try putting on a bathing suit and get a tan from your balcony. If the cold weather is really hitting your city right now, why not go for a cozy knit and a cup of homemade hot cocoa? Go crazy and add two whole marshmallows, we won't tell.

Enjoying the pool @hollybytheshore

It's even better when you can set up a kiddie pool in your backyard by @hollybytheshore

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