6 Ways to See the World During Quarantine

Isis Filipa

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6 Ways to See the World During Quarantine

You’re probably spending a lot of time at home right now (or so we hope). Social distancing or physical distancing can take a toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s important to keep yourself busy and inspired, otherwise, anxiety and depression may take hold of you.

We’ve come up with a list of different activities to keep you sane and engaged during this tough period that might help curb your travel FOMO. There’s nothing like the forbidden fruit to make you crave it even more. So while we can’t travel, how about you indulge in some wanderlust at home? Watch foreign films from your favorite destinations, cook an international dish from a place you’ve never been, start planning your next trip with the help of travel YouTubers, or go for an art tour in some of the world’s most renowned museums.

During these crazy times of isolation, and thanks to technology, there’s plenty of globetrotting to be done from home.

Illustration of person watching movies on their laptop - Skyhour

Visit your favorite destinations with these TV shows

Illustration of woman preparing for a trip - Skyhour

Plan for your next trip with the help of travel YouTubers

Illustration of man playing a saxophone - Skyhour

Listen to music from international musicians and hum the night away

Illustration on girl taking online courses - Skyhour

Learn a new culture, skill or language with an online courses

Illustration of woman pointing to painting - Skyhour

Find your favorite artist with art tours from famous museums

Illustration of woman cooking - Skyhour

Try our recipes from around the globe and cook yourself a worldly dinner

Isis Filipa
Lisbon, Portugal
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