Why Quitting Your Job to Travel Doesn’t Mean Going Broke

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Why Quitting Your Job to Travel Doesn’t Mean Going Broke

Wondering how you can travel the world without going into debt? Here are a few options to keep your minds rested and your pockets heavy. 

Teach English

Teaching English abroad is a common way people end up paying for living expenses while traveling. Usually, this is a long-term commitment, so it’s especially a great option if you plan to be somewhere for a good amount of time.

Just get your TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate and apply to one or more of the many incredible programs out there to teach abroad. Sites like englishfirst.com or teachaway.com are a couple of the many great websites to check out.

Kandy Schoolchild in Sri Lanka

Photo by @jordhammond


There are plenty of freelance sites out there and making connections for future freelance jobs in person before you leave is great, too. You can also find freelance gigs on Facebook groups, in Twitter hashtags, on LinkedIn Jobs and a plethora of other online platforms.

Travel Blog

Blog about your travels and get paid for it. Many travel companies out there are looking for people to share their stories on the road—reach out to a few of them with samples of your work and what you’d be looking to write about in the future. It only takes one “yes!”


For stock market fiends, this is a common way of making money as you can, essentially, pick when you work.

Pick Fruit

Though this isn’t going to be available everywhere, it is a great way to earn money while on the road. Not to mention, you’ll experience a lot of the culture of the places you’re traveling to by working on farms and in orchards—and probably get some delicious fruit while you’re at it.

Cameron Highlands Greenhouse

Photo by @kal_mare

Work Exchange

WWOOF.org, along with many other sites, offer great ways to go abroad while making sure you’re employed while you’re there. Many even offer housing in exchange for work, which can be extremely valuable and can add an extra layer of safety to your trip overseas.

Rent Your Home (you’re gone, anyway.)

Airbnb, Craigslist, Zillow—there are a ton of great ways to list your house and have someone paying your rent in no time. This is a great way to supplement your income, considering you won’t be using your space while you’re traveling.

Sell Your Photography

Etsy, RedBubble, and Facebook Marketplace along with a handful of apps and sites offer excellent platforms to sell your art and photography. Not only is this an awesome way to get exposure for your art, but it’s also a great way to make money based off of your travels themselves.

Taking a photo of El Paredon sunset

Photo by @andynlilly

Barter at a Hostel

Depending on your skillset, you might have something hostels need. Chat up the hostel at which you’re looking to stay and see if you can work in exchange for room and board. They’ll likely have a gig for you to help out with. If you’re lucky, you might get a job with tips.

Streets of El Tunco

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This site is incredible for getting you set up with a six-month trip abroad. Just apply to the program and wait to see if you’re one of the seven selected travelers that will explore four continents and 10 countries in just six months. Arguably the best part? If you’re selected, they’ll cover your travel fees and help you out with daily expenses. Yes, really. www.yourbestlife.io

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