Top 15 YouTubers That’ll Change How You Travel

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Top 15 YouTubers That’ll Change How You Travel

Do you like watching travel content online? I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring than seeing someone break the status quo, follow their dreams of traveling the world and figure out for themselves what it has to offer. An easy, yet visceral way to do that is by watching travel vloggers online. Whether you're planning a specific trip, deciding where to vacation next or just need an escape from reality—there are plenty of reasons to wander through the immense world of travel vlogs. Maybe you’ve been on 50 times just this month, but, hey who's counting?! Since we can’t freely travel worry-free right now, we might as well watch others who have done it. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two that’ll inspire our future travel plans. Check out our top 15 travel vloggers for 2020. 

From daily vlogs, immersive storytelling, cinematic shots, informative travel tips and breathtaking drone shots, these travel content creators know how to fulfill our travel needs. Here’s a list full of inspiring YouTube channels where you’ll find the most impressive and diverse travel content. And I’ve chosen my favorite video from each of these creators. 

Fearless & Far

Are you looking for something more edgy than landscapes and travel tips? On Fearless and Far, run by Mike Corey, you won’t find your typical travel vlog. Instead you’ll experience the most action-packed and unique content filmed in the strangest places. There’s nothing dull here, only what’s weird, disgusting and exciting!

Bernardo Bacalhau

Bernardo’s channel is definitely a journey on its own—it’s impossible not be amazed by this young videographer’s talent. After a few seconds in any video, you will instantly get hooked by his sense of humor and genuine way of storytelling. His passion for travel and the places he visits are evident in every moment of his videos. One thing is for sure, you’ll want to visit any destination Bernardo is exploring! 

Kombi Life

Have you ever dreamt about quitting your job, buying a van and going on an endless road trip? This is exactly what Ben Jamin did back in 2012 and he never went back. Kombi Life is a series of unique adventure travel projects, filmed and produced on the move in some of the most remote places on the planet. Along the journey Ben adopted the cutest dog and met his girlfriend that now travels along with them. You can join this family adventure by following along the ups and downs of van life through weekly vlogs.

Phil Good Travel

Phil Calvert aka Philwaukee is the happiest traveler you will ever meet! In partnership with Matador Network, Phil shares positivity in his travel series around Europe. With a specific sense of humor, he challenges stereotypes in every country he travels to, promoting solidarity between all people and cultures. Phil’s vlogs are the most fun and entertaining you’ll find out there!

Sailing La Vagabonde 

Having zero knowledge or experience with sailing, in 2014, Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu bought a yacht in Italy and began their dream: sailing around the world. On their channel you’ll see some of the things that can happen when living in the sea. Such as, terrifying storms, pirate scares, financial breakdowns, equipment failures, water shortages and other interesting mishaps that only happen when a boat is your home. But don’t get discouraged by the setbacks! They’ve managed to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. More recently they have welcomed aboard their first child. Since they first began this journey, they sailed over 86,000 miles, gained more than one million subscribers and raised more than 3,000 patrons that helped them financially throughout this adventure around the globe. 

Lexie Limitless

Are you curious about how a 21-year-old visited every country in the world? Lexie visited 196 countries before turning 21, and holds the official Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to have visited all of those countries. She is now telling her unique story video by video, exposing all the struggles, the accomplishments, the frustrations, the paperwork, and basically everything about her experience around the globe.

Yes Theory

Back in 2015, four strangers met in Montreal and instantly connected by their eagerness to challenge themselves. Having the purpose to do more with their lives, Yes Theory was born. They started the project with a 30-day challenge, where each day they would do and record something that they never done before. It was designed to push the group outside of their comfort zone. Since then, their YouTube channel has grown to have more than 5 million subscribers. Although this isn't your typical travel channel, here you can find unlimited hours of the most entertaining content around the world. From discovering the least visited country in the world to spend 24-hours in Korea with no money. Two things remain always present in all their videos: the will to make a real connection with strangers and desire to confront uncomfortable situations head-on.


Oneika is a former international educator that at the age of 33 decided to change careers to become a travel content creator and a TV show host for a travel channel. Now, four years later, Oneika has seen more than 100 countries, and reveals everything about her experiences on her YouTube channel. From teaching French, to talking about traveling as a Black woman, Oneika has content for every kind of traveler.

Kara and Nate

There are thousands of travel couples on YouTube, but none of them are like Kara and Nate. You could binge-watch dozens of hours of their videos and still want more! After moving out of their apartment, selling their cars and putting everything they owned in storage, this couple from Nashville booked a one-way flight to Tokyo with the intention to travel for a few months before settling down and starting a family. But not everything went as planned, and 4 years later they are still traveling around the world, reaching recently 100 countries and going to their 7th continent: Antarctica. They say they don’t see themselves doing anything other than travel, and neither do I.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore (yes, that’s her real name) is more than a travel YouTuber. She’s a well-known photographer, filmmaker, influencer and bad-ass business woman who inspires millions with her adventures around the world and her human experience. Besides seeing breathtaking travel vlogs on her YouTube channel you can also learn insights on how to be a better photographer and how to make money as a travel influencer. 

Lost LeBlanc

Quitting your job and moving to Bali could seem an impossible task to do but that was exactly what Christian LeBlanc did to begin his adventure around the world. After selling everything he owned and quitting his accounting job, LeBlanc bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok. There he lived as a “broke backpacker” for one year before his YouTube channel took off. Now he has more than one million subscribers and he’s known as one of the best travel vloggers. Wanna get some motivation to start traveling? LeBlanc will definitely do that for you.


Two brothers, Marko and Alex, started Vagabrothers in 2012, when they decided to depart on an endless trip. Despite not being that close, their mutual curiosity about the world inspired both of them to make videos around the globe and celebrate their differences. Now they produce outstanding videos in a documentary style. They provide the most useful information about each destination from things to do and see to the history behind those places.

Hey Nadine

If you’ve ever searched for a travel vlog for any destination, I’m pretty sure one of the results was one of Nadine’s videos. She has emerged as a major leader in the travel video community, visiting more than 55 countries in the last ten years. Besides sharing her insights on every destination she visits, Nadine also has great tips about packing, video and photography gear and how to plan a trip.


Eight years after uploading his first travel vlog, Louis Cole has more than 2 million subscribers on his channel. He inspires viewers every day doing what he loves—traveling the world. Louis’ exceptional way to express himself and his passion for capturing authentic travel moments makes him stand out and engage every viewer. 

Little Grey Box

In 2012 Phoebe and Matt decided to quit their jobs to start the Little Grey Box channel. Now they travel around the world while working with some of the biggest names in the industry by creating useful travel videos and written travel guides. Their motto is “travel well,” meaning they intend to inspire others to make the most out of their travel experiences. 

Maria Jordão
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