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India is located in South Asia and is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal. It’s the 7th largest country in size and 2nd most populous country in the world with a population of over 1.366 billion people. There are over two thousand ethnic groups, more than 19,500 languages or dialects, 3,000 castes, and 25,000 sub-castes.

Indian Hindu society is divided into a complex hierarchy known as the caste system. This is supposed to dictate Hindu’s religious, social, and professional life. Even though discrimination by caste has been outlawed, it continues to determine the future of many Indians.

Indian cultural history spans more than 4,500 years. Many schools of thought have influenced the country’s belief system and to this day India is considered a deeply spiritual country despite not having an official religion. Around 80% of Indians are Hindu, 14% are Muslim, and there are other religious minorities, including Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, and more.

  • Currency: The official currency is the Indian Rupee (₹) (INR). The name derives from "rūpya" which means wrought silver in Sanskrit
  • Language: Hindi & English are the official languages. However, states/territories may have their own officially recognized language
  • Visa: Visa & a valid passport for 6 months beyond the date of visa application is required. For more, consult the State Department
  • Curiosity: India is home to the largest community of vegetarians in the world, with 40% of its population being veggie-friendly

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