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The United States of America is located in North America, between Canada and Mexico. It consists of 50 states and administers several territories outside of the country. The U.S. has an estimated population of over 329 million people. It’s the third most populous country in the world. And it’s one of the largest countries by area.

A major characteristic of the U.S. is its immense diversity in people and landscapes. Its physical environment ranges from the Arctic to Subtropical, from lush rainforests to the arid deserts, from rugged mountain peaks to flat prairies. The country embraces some of the world’s largest urban concentrations as well as some of the most extensive areas that are almost devoid of habitation.

The country is also a crucial source of entertainment: American sitcoms, Hollywood films, jazz, blues, rock, and rap music are the primary ingredients in global pop culture originating in the U.S.

  • Currency: The official currency of the United States of America is the United States Dollar (USD); abbreviated US$
  • Language: There’s no official language at a federal level, however, English is considered the official language in 32 states
  • Visa: Generally, a foreigner who wishes to enter the U.S. must obtain a visa, for more information consult the State Department
  • Curiosity: The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for just $7.2 million in 1867, equivalent to about $120 million today

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